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About Jennifer


Painting has helped me integrate the unseen world of spirit with the world I call "consensus reality". Art is the place where invisible presence can be made visible through image, color and light. I feel compelled to keep painting in order to capture the subtle aspect of our world, even though it is like chasing an elusive dream which always gets lost in translation. I search to find an outer symbolic language which may reflect the very abstract energies I experience. I believe in a multidimensional reality which exists in conjunction with our seen world.

Images of houses, ladders, bowls, trees hands, and boats have appeared in my work for over a decade. These symbols serve as portals which help me journey into unseen worlds of the self and make connection to that which is universal. Through studying art forms ranging from alchemical texts to Tibetan Thanka painting, I experience the potential of art to create maps into the psyche and spirit world.

References to Sky and Earth provide the metaphor for inner and outer aspects of the self.


"The Message of the Deer Dancer" is a response to my fear about our aggressive attitudes towards our natural world. The self aspect is vulnerable and often immobilized. I lived in Arizona and New Mexico for seven years, and attended the Deer Dancing ceremony on the Navajo Reservation. As I began this piece, two deer were in playing in front of my window.


I have been making art ever since I could remember. Art is my companion, my coping mechanism. Whether I incorporate collage elements or paint from scratch, it is one of my greatest joys to surround myself with color and possibility. I have streamed through a multitude of materials and genres. I have found inspiration in the work ranging from Twombly encoded painted works to the mystical imagery of Odilion Redon.

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